A little bit about me and career so far as a software engineer.

I think my first introduction of code playing with my Sister's VTech PreComputer 2000 and my Dad's ZX Spectrum growing up (both of which taught me how to write my first programmes in BASIC). Fast-forward to 2003 where I started learning how to build websites and pages using notepad.

After earning my degree in computing, I landed my first job as a graduate developer. During the first 3 years of my career I was fortunate to work on websites owned by Microsoft, maintaining their hardware site for EMEA markets as well as working on many campaigns for Xbox.com.

As well as Xbox, I worked on many other sites both server-side (specialising in .net) and front-end.


My next role was at the movie streaming site blinkbox working as part of their web team. My work at blinkbox exposed me to many new technologies, opportunities and a wealth of experience.

I have come to appreciate software craftsmanship, giving the front-end and presentation layers of a product as much attention as the underlying business logic layer. I also learned from hardended professionals what it takes to ship great software (and be introduced to communities and user groups I didn't even know existed at the time).

Since blinkbox I have gone on to other great companies which have broadended my opportunties for learning and met some talented people along the way.

The Silicon Roundabout (all the time, not just in rush hour)
The Silicon Roundabout (all the time, not just in rush hour)

The most rewarding part I can get out of a job is the experience and outcomes that myself and my team earn and learn. As well as writing quality code, I'm passionate about shipping well maintained and planned software. I love working with designers and product owners as much as engineers, and believe they're all part of a cross-functional unit for success.

There's worse views!
There's worse views!

Out of the office I'm fuelling my passion for coding, I have multiple pet projects on the go and strive to fill my 10-hours-a-week learning quota. I maintain my own site's codebase from scratch, treating as a platform and sandbox to launch new pet projects and try new ideas out in a production environment (without sacrificing my own content!)

(slight fan of Back to the Future)
(slight fan of Back to the Future)

Away from the desk I enjoy retro gaming, movies and getting my geek on with tech. Recently getting into classic console restoration and refurbishment.

Away from screen I do lot of running to keep myself active and enjoy Ice Hockey in the winter months. And in the summer months I'm tinkering with my VW Beetle.

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