Hi there!

I'm Chris and I'm a senior software engineer based in the UK. Specialising in .net (C#) and JavaScript/NodeJS technologies. I primarily work in full-stack software engineering.

As well as writing code, I enjoy writing and speaking about software development patterns and practices.

What I specialise in as an engineer...

  • Front-end web development
  • Back-end web and api development
  • Test-Driven and Behaviour-Driven development practices
  • Continuous integration and deployment

...what I also do as an engineer...

  • Agile software development lifecycle methodologies
  • Design, Product, QA and Ops collaboration
  • Code design, review and pairing practices
  • Developer mentoring
  • Public speaking and Consultancy

...when I'm not coding I'm...

  • Making
  • Writing
  • Retro gaming
  • Travelling
  • Beetle Driving

Who I've worked with...

My recent writing...

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Some of my code...