I burned down my batcave…

  • Chris Wallace
  • Fri Oct 07 2016

So if anyone’s visited my site over the past 6 months you’ll noticed that it looked dramatically different than this tumblr blog you’re reading right now. Why’s that exactly? Well recently I’ve been doing a lot more exploratory work in the world of web technologies and a lot’s changed in the past 6 months and realized there’s a lot of new technologies to try out (which fix a lot of lingering problems).

So as a bit of a dramatic turn of events I decided to turn the off switch on my two sites g33kchris.net and g33k3ry.com whilst I go do some homework and make some tech decisions.

At the same time I don’t want to lose my online presence, and hence here we are on a temporary tumblr (like in the dark knight where the batcave was burned down and batman had to move into his warehouse, not great but does the job).

So yeah long story short, still around, still blogging, just setting up for the next thing.