Project Zeenbox

  • April - 2010

My final year project from my time as a student. Project Zeenbox was an online magazine sharing site built around the concepts of a content management system. Built with Web Forms and using a MSSQL database.

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Project Zeenbox was my final year project at University and a year-long dedication. The idea for Zeenbox was to create a multi-purpose Content Management System in the form of an online magazine sharing site.


The site worked by allowing users to build host as many online magazines (or 'Zeens') as they like and define their own CSS styling for each. Users could also subscribe to each other's Zeens and import embedded content from other web sources.


This site helped me learn so many things about web forms. I learned how to use masterpages and user controls, develop an MSSQL database, use the Entity Framework with Database-First development, the use of Ajax, and an introduction to Silverlight. As someone who was becoming acquainted with Content Management Systems from my industry experience with Umbraco and Sitecore, Zeenbox was a way for me to try this idea on my own. Using LINQ and SQL to store layout preference data and render it accordingly.


This project not only helped me get the degree I wanted but was also awarded the 'Best Software Development Project of the academic year' by the Institution of Analysts and Programmers and 'Winner of the University of Plymouth Project Poster Fair'.


Looking back at Zeenbox I can see how far I've come. Web forms and front-end development were new concepts to me at the time, and can now see where I can improve upon my original ideas and simplify the build and experience overall.


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