- Halloween 2011

  • October - 2011

A halloween marketing campaign for EMEA, the 'hellevator' has been one of my biggest and most ambitious .net projects which helped me gain valuable Xaml experience.


For's Halloween marketing campaign, I helped build their Silverlight Halloween experience (called the 'Hellevator'). Hellevator - Welcome Hellevator - Welcome

The experience itself was very hardcore, horror driven, and took the user on a series of floors (each floor showcasing a particular product range). Hellevator - Loading Hellevator - Loading

My role within the project was the building of the different screens (floors) of the micro-site. Taking the user from the loading animation and into a dark room. Where the user would receive 'jump scare' experiences from unpredictable mouse interactions. Hellevator - Jump Scare Hellevator - Jump Scare

The user was then presented with the product ranges on offer complete with hover animations on mouseover. Hellevator - Movies for Sale Hellevator - Movies for Sale

Floors would feature a custom video player embedded in each scene which would play trailers for the products. Hellevator - Trailer player Hellevator - Trailer player

The Halloween experience was a large project, but a great showcase for what could be achieved in Silverlight. With the large trailers and image assets needed to be loaded in time (including localization), performance and compression was a key element (loading assets on demand rather than being bundled as part of the Silverlight app). Hellevator - Games for Sale Hellevator - Games for Sale

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