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Embedded Stackblitz apps now available for gatsby

Tue Nov 19 2019

For those that need to embed stackblitz apps within their gatsby markdown, there's now a plugin to do that.


30 days to setup a website

Tue Oct 01 2019

In September I set myself a challenge to rebuild my website in my spare time from nothing using gatsbyjs and graphql. Incuding learning gatsby, breaking down the work, migrating content and deploying the website. This is how it went.


React Craftsmanship Part 1 — Get it Written

Wed Jan 24 2018

“A happy new year and happy new project time! Back on the pet project bandwagon to build something new and exciting!”


It’s Personal: The purposes of the Pet Project

Sun Nov 12 2017

Pet Projects are a great extracurriclar activity to help hone your software engineering craft and explore technical avenues you wouldn't necessarily explore in your 9-5 job. In this article we'll talk about some of the reasons you should consider exploring a pet project.